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May, 2015

- Yung-Li obtained SPE, SVE, SJE and SE halogen free wire approvals by UL.

August, 2015

- Yung-Li obtained VDE certifications of H05Z1Z1 and H03Z1Z1 wires.

November, 2015

- Yung-Li obtained halogen free plugs with SPE, SVE, SJE and SE wires approval by UL.

August, 2016

- Yung-Li obtained TUV certification for YP-416 and YP-432, 4-pin industrial plugs.

Beginning of 2017

- Yung-Li obtained VDE halogen free certifications of plugs and connectors.

September, 2017

- Yung-Li obtained BIS India certifications of plug YP-80, YP-81 and YP-71.

- Yung-Li obtained UL approvals of EVJT EVT electronic vehicle wires.

October, 2017

- Yung-Li obtained Switzerland certifications of YL-4623, adaptor with fuse version.

November 2017

- Yung-Li obtained Switzerland halogen free certification for plug YP-46Z.

October 17, 2019

- Yung-Li obtained certificate of internet DotTrademark

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